Friday, May 4, 2012


This is another easy job from which people will get payment. People have to bookmark the site to another site. People just need to put the site to another site and give the proof of the site. The bookmark job has to be done on stumbleupon, digg and other site. In some jobs it is targeted that in which site it should be bookmark but in some site it is not targeted. The jobs which is not targeted can be done on facebook and twitter also. People can just copy the link given in the hint and past it on the place from where people update their status.

Process of doing the job
1. Go to the site where it is asked.
2. If you are new then you have to sign up if not you can login.
3. After login people have to go to their profile.
4. After that people will be able to see add page button on the site.
5. Then people have to paste the url given on the hint where it is asked.
6. After filling up the form completely people have to submit it.
7. Go to your profile again.
8. People can see the site which you just uploaded.
9. Open the site and copy the url.

Required Proof
1. Url of the above process 9, paste it on proof box.
2. Username of the site.
3. If you have done it on facebook and twitter paste your profile url on the proof box.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Click And Search

This is another type of job available on the site microworkers. This is another simple job of microworkers. People will have to do search on google and have to submit the proof that they ask. This job is easy and will be completed within 3 minutes. People can earn 0.10$ to 0.30$ for doing click and search job.

Process to do Click And Search Job
1. First of all, copy the given text which is need to be searched from the hints given to do the job.
2. Now, open the
3. Paste the copied text from hints.
4. Do google search.
5. Find out the site which is asked to visit.
6. Click on the ads if asked on the hints.
7. Click on any page of the site if asked on the hits.
8. Copy the landing url to paste on proof box.

Proof required to submit.
1. Landing page url after clicking on ads or any page.
2. Your ip address from
3. Phone number on the site at the bottom of the page.

If people can do the job then click on i accept this job. After clicking on i accept this job, a new box will appear just below the i accept this job which is the proof box. After writing the proof on the proof box click on i confirm that i have completed this task. After clicking i confirm i have completed this task button, a thank you message will be displayed. Then, the work is completed and people can start next job.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Types Of Jobs

Their are many types of jobs available  on microworkers. Jobs available on microworkers are very simple and easy. People can finish the jobs available on microworkers within 3-5 minutes. If people are using microworkers for the first time then people may take 8-10 minutes to finish jobs as they will be doing the jobs for the first time.

Their are various types of jobs and this site will be posting everyday by writing how to do the jobs on microworkers with all process.

1. Sign Up Jobs

          This is a type of job which is available on the site microworkers. People will be able to earn money simply by signing up on the site. Sign Up job is the simple type of job which can be finished within 3-5minutes.

The process of doing this job are as follows.
1. First of all read the hints and proof required provided on the site.
2. Their will be provided a site where people will have to go.
3. Go to the site and click on the register or sign up button.
4. After clicking register button a form will appear, fill the form very carefully with correct information.
5. After filling the form click on the sign up or register button on the bottom of the page.
6. After that a confirmation mail will be send to people e-mail address which have been submitted on the site where you registered.
7.  Go to your e-mail address and see mail on inbox, if you didn't find mail inbox then see it in spam box.
8. Click the mail and their will be a confirmation link.
9. Finally Click on the confirmation link and be verified on the site.

Proof Required For The Job
1. In proof employer may ask your e-mail address.
2. It may ask the copy of confirmation mail send to your address.
3. It may ask your ip address. People can get their ip address by going to 
4. It may ask url of the site after clicking the confirmation link which you will get after clicking on confirmation link of your confirmation mail.
5. It may ask your user name.

Click on the I accept this job on microworker site on the bottom of the page. After clicking on i accept this job a form will appear where people have to put proof of the job. After putting proof which are asked people will  have to click on i confirm i have completed task button. 


Microworkes is the site from where people can earn money by doing simple jobs. Microworkers help people to earn money and give employment opportunity to all people. The qualification to do jobs in microworkers is just simple computer education, good typing and must understand English language. People will be able to do many jobs daily and earn money according to jobs types and time separated for microworkers. Their are many types of jobs available on microworkers. People can earn money by doing facebook, twitter, google plus and many more jobs on microworkers. Microworkers give opportunity to people to earn money from facebook, twitter and other social networking site. 

First of all, people have to click on above banner or have to Then, people have to register on this site by clicking on register button available on the site. After clicking on register button a form will appear the people have to fill up the form with correct information. After registering on this site, people will get verification e-mail on your e-mail address. Then people will have to go to their e-mail address then their people will get a mail from microworkers team. People will have to open the e-mail and have click on the link available on the mail. People will be able to login to the site only after confirming the mail which people will get on their e-mail address. If people don't get mail on inbox then go to spam box on e-mail. In spam box people will get their mail if they don't get on inbox. After that people will be able to login to the microworkers site and will be able to do the job. 

People must be careful while doing jobs on microworkers because after doing twenty works on microworkers if your success percentage go below 75% then you will not be able to do jobs for some days until the success percentage reach to 75% so people must be careful while doing work. 

People will get hints to do jobs on microworkers which makes easy to do jobs on microworkers. People should be careful and must not do the job which people think that they can’t do. If your job is rated wrong then your success percentage will decrease. The jobs which people have completed will be rated with in 7days. That means people will get money for work done within 7 days. 

People will be able to withdraw money after reaching 10$. People will not be able to withdraw money before 10$. People can withdraw money from alertpay and moneybookers. So, while withdrawing the money people will have to submit alertpay and moneybookers address. 

Before withdrawing the money from microworkers people must have to check the account section of microworkers by clicking on the account button available on the site. There people have to submit correct address because microworkers will send pin to your home address through letter. So, people must submit correct address because people can’t withdraw money from microworkers without pin number. So, people will have to submit their postal address to get the pin. Don’t be confuse microworkes will never send your pin to your e-mail address. After submitting correct address people will get their pin number within 21days and people will have to enter the pin number on the microworkers site which asked on the withdraw section. People will have to click on withdraw button on the site and have to submit the pin number on the site. After submitting correct pin number only people will be able to withdraw money from microworkers.

People have to submit the pin if they are the new user of microworkers or people have requested payment for the first time. Once the correct pin is submitted to the site then people will never have to submit pin again and again.